News flash: Skinny does not always equal healthy

Bad commenters! Bad!

I read comments on articles about female celebrities who have porked up to a (disgusting and shocking) still-healthy weight. As readers debate, one argument that keeps cropping up is, “Being overweight is not healthy!”

Aside from the fact that the women I’m reading about don’t look overweight, I hate to tell these readers (OK, I don’t), but being skinny doesn’t automatically mean you’re healthy.

I saw an old episode of America’s Next Top Model the other day. The contestants learned how to slide down a wall like a model. (Don’t ask.) One of them couldn’t slide back up that wall; her legs weren’t strong enough. Host Tyra Banks pointed you can be thin but not be in shape. That’s a fact that some people seem to have forgotten.

We all know the unhealthy lengths some women go to to be thin. You can also be “naturally” slender by eating one hamburger a day and never getting off the couch. It is possible—gasp—for one woman at the high end of a normal BMI to get more exercise and eat more healthfully than another woman at the low end.

The next time you hear that argument crop up, just remember, being obese can have certain health consequences, but so can getting all your calories from sodas and fries.

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