Vogue Curvy review: What plus size really means

I guess it’s time to visit Vogue Curvy. I’ve been avoiding it. But, doggone it, as a blogger covering weight in the media, it’s my duty. So I will woman up and take the plunge.

How ’bout you? Want to dive in with me?

In case you haven’t heard, Vogue Curvy is a Web site from Vogue Italia that’s for plus-size women. The thing is, I’m not sure what I hope from it. What if they skipped over the middle sizes and hopped to the larger? Once again, healthy-weight women would be invisible. But … what if they didn’t? What if they included healthy-weight women—and called them plus size?

So, if you’re feeling brave, let’s take a dip into the newest entry into the plus-size craze. Will they pass the test? And what test do we want to impose anyway?


Um … OK … interesting.


“Floral prints are in full bloom for spring,” says the Vogue Curvy blog. Prints. There are rules about prints for “curvy” women. All right, I am prepared to learn how to look my stick-skinniest.

Play to your best assets, as floral prints will draw attention to your curves.

Choose a print size, as larger prints tend to maximize and smaller florals minimize the curves.

Wait a minute … not, “Pick a small print to minimize your huge, grotesque butt”? We’re empowered with information and then get to choose what we emphasize? We’re given room to believe our curves are—gasp—beautiful?

Well, you go, Vogue Curvy!

They also have a couple of interesting news items, one on plus-size mannequins and one on former size-0 models.


I just won’t even talk about the 800-calories-a-day (“and somehow you never feel hungry”) spa.

Let’s just move on to the Dessert Room blog post, featuring a hotel room whose chandelier drips with cookies and candy. This is “for the curvy girls with a sweet tooth.”

Watch out! It’s a stampede of curvy girls! Like, well, Liv Tyler.

Yes, Liv Tyler is a “curvy icon.” Apparently, you see, there are only two types of women: stick thin and curvy. If you’re not the former, you’re the latter. Thus, we find women like Liv Tyler and this slender model grouped into the same category as morbidly obese women.

I’ll give it to them that they didn’t ignore healthy-weight women. And of course, women of any size are beautiful. But there’s such a warped view of what constitutes overweight, and this seems to play right into it.


So there’s my take, not many holds barred. How ’bout you?

I’m a freelance writer and editor, and actress on the side. Read more about my fascinating self here.

Images courtesy pdclipart.org.

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