Weekly “Bravo!” Body Image Roundup

Quotes that make you think

And now for a new addition: A weekly roundup of awesome quotes that I didn’t blog about but that deserve recognition. [Cue applause sign.]

Here they are … posts that make you think.

Cinematical: “Girls on Film: Breast, Hair, and Hollywood Beauty”

Have you ever experienced this? Countless times, I’ve been faced with people who will comment on an actress’ weight gain and call her “fat,” although their own self-described “thin” friends or lovers are at least double the size of the said “fat” actress.

This has gone well beyond the beauty expectation that comes along with escapist entertainment — the “We don’t want to see ourselves, we want to see someone beautiful” idea. Now we’re holding Hollywood to unobtainable ideals that we would call ridiculous in our own real lives.

Fabulous“I Went From Anorexic Teen to Plus Size Model”

From Mellissa Laycy, 5’11”, 168 pounds, size 16 (normal BMI):

“For the first time in my life, I love my body. Modelling could have destroyed me, but instead I’m doing it on my own terms. I still go to the gym and look after myself, but now I celebrate my body. It makes me sad when I see models who are so skinny. I know what sacrifices some of them have to make to stay slim.”

I Will Not Diet.: “How Much Do You Weigh?”

I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again—I truly believe that one of the problems with the way women perceive themselves in this country is the fact that we have the false sense that everyone else weighs less than we do.

Nutrition Unplugged: “Is ‘Skinny’ the New Ideal? A Closer Look at the Latest Buzz Word in Diet Books”

From registered dietitian Evelyn Tribole:

I believe that this “skinny” trend combined with the “war on obesity” and our “toxic food environment” will converge into a perfect storm that in the end will create more weight problems and eating disorders.

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