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We’ve forgotten what women of a healthy weight look like. We see only one version in the media: skinny. But the truth is, healthy weight comes in a wide range of sizes.

In recent years, Hollywood has started to embrace some larger women as beautiful. (I said, “started” and “some.”) But it skipped over everybody else. If I were an alien and the only thing I knew of humans was the movies, I’d think there were two species: tiny and large. Where’d all those healthy-weight women go?

I’m an actress, and freelance writer and editor. I’ve been passionate about this issue since I came to Hollywood years ago. And I’ve felt like I’ve been yelling at walls all that time. This is my attempt to yell at something else. I’ll try to keep it positive. Join me, won’t you? Lend your voice in the comments sections. Let’s shout and shout and shout and see where it gets us. It’s gotta be better than just stomping our feet, anyway.


I encourage and appreciate comments. However, the topics I cover tend to incite a lot of passion. Therefore, please no:

  • personal attacks (against me, other posters or people in the media)
  • rudeness or flaming

I reserve the right to edit or delete comments as I see fit. If I edit a comment, I will note that within it.

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