The statement nobody got: Mark Fast and healthy curves

Curve skeptics!

In all the debate over Mark Fast’s runway show, nobody seems to be asking the obvious question: Why do we see healthy women’s bodies as flawed?

In case you haven’t heard: Fast did the unthinkable at this year’s London Fashion Week: He sent plus-size models down the runway in skin-tight material. Bye-bye, baby doll tops, and let the controversy begin: The outfits were “unflattering”—a “detriment” to plus-size models, critics said.

Yet bone-hugging fabric on underweight women? We heard not a peep about how unflattering that is. Those women are not flawed, you see. And that, my friends, is where the problem lies.


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Bollywood shrinks to 0


Used to be, Bollywood actresses were curvy. (Like it used to be here, come to think of it.) But alas, the U.K.’s Telegraph reports that Bollywood is shrinking:


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How ultra-skinny ideals make us eat more

This post has moved. Please click here to read it: “How Ultra-Skinny Ideals Make Us Eat More.”

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Vogue Curvy review: What plus size really means

I guess it’s time to visit Vogue Curvy. I’ve been avoiding it. But, doggone it, as a blogger covering weight in the media, it’s my duty. So I will woman up and take the plunge.

How ’bout you? Want to dive in with me?

In case you haven’t heard, Vogue Curvy is a Web site from Vogue Italia that’s for plus-size women. The thing is, I’m not sure what I hope from it. What if they skipped over the middle sizes and hopped to the larger? Once again, healthy-weight women would be invisible. But … what if they didn’t? What if they included healthy-weight women—and called them plus size?

So, if you’re feeling brave, let’s take a dip into the newest entry into the plus-size craze. Will they pass the test? And what test do we want to impose anyway?


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Jessica Simpson, Oprah and the price of beauty

Jessica Simpson, Oprah Winfrey and VH1.

“The fact that I was famous last year for gaining 10 pounds, it’s ridiculous. It’s really sad.” Heck, yeah, Jessica!

On Oprah yesterday, Jessica Simpson talked about the infamous “mom jeans” ludicrousy. As I’m sure you recall, at a size 4 (5’3″), Jessica was ripped to shreds in the tabloids and elsewhere for being fat. MTV’s Hollywood Crush blog has a good recap of the interview.

I tell ya what, I’m looking forward to her show, Jessica Simpson’s The Price of Beauty. It premieres March 15 at 10/9 central. How ’bout you?

Here’s a preview.


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News flash: Skinny does not always equal healthy

Bad commenters! Bad!

I read comments on articles about female celebrities who have porked up to a (disgusting and shocking) still-healthy weight. As readers debate, one argument that keeps cropping up is, “Being overweight is not healthy!”

Aside from the fact that the women I’m reading about don’t look overweight, I hate to tell these readers (OK, I don’t), but being skinny doesn’t automatically mean you’re healthy.

I saw an old episode of America’s Next Top Model the other day. (more…)

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Marilyn Monroe’s real clothing size—in today’s world

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Healthy and criticized: 4 quotes from actresses about weight

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Model Crystal Renn Is “Fat”?

This post has moved. Please click here: “Model Crystal Renn Is ‘Fat’?”

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Why this blog?

I can’t keep my mouth shut. And I’m tired of yelling at the walls.

When it comes to women’s body images, we need a reboot. I believe most people don’t know what a healthy-weight woman looks like any more. And they need to—men and women—for their own well-being and that of their loved ones.

The truth is, healthy weight, or “normal,” as the BMI scale puts it, comes in a range of sizes, not just one skinny one. For years, women have been crying out to have more realistic body sizes represented in the media. And I believe cracks have formed.

So with this blog, I want to applaud Hollywood, the fashion industry and the media when they stop calling healthy looking women fat—when they embrace the range of healthy looks as beautiful.

I invite you to come along on my journey. Together, I hope we can build a positive voice . Let’s see what we can do.

Thanks for reading.

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